1. What can I do to study as an exchange student at the UPV?

First, you should find out whether your home institution has an agreement with our university. Furthermore, you have to be selected by your university. Please ask at your’s University International Relations Office for more information.

2. Can I go as a free mover/visiting student?

If you click here you will find information about free moving students.

3. I need to know the courses and schedules offered by UPV.

If you are interested in a bachelor’s degree you will find all the courses here and if you are interested in postgraduate studies, here.

4. Can I take courses that I am interested in but are unrelated to my major?

International Programme students must take most of their courses, at least a 50%, within the degree specified by your University, in accordance with our exchange agreement. Students can enrol with courses from other fields of study, as long as the number of vacancies or any other restrictions allows it.

5. Where can I find the courses programmes?

The course programmes are posted on the UPV web:


At that link, after clicking on the degree that you are interested in, you should find all the information available about each degree.

6. I have doubts about credits, subjects to study, etc. Who can answer my academic questions?

According to the degree you will be studying at UPV, you will have an academic coordinator at your school, responsible for that degree and who will be glad to solve your academic doubts.

7. How can I know that I have been accepted by the UPV?

You will receive an e-mail from the UPV indicating you how to process the application. Once your application has been accepted, you will be able to access your Acceptance Letter.

8. Are there any language requirements in order to be accepted at the UPV?

Yes, there are. The minimum language requirements are:

    -English B2

    -Spanish B2 **If any subject is done in Spanish**



    -Spanish A1 recommended for a better stay

9. Are there any courses held in English?

Yes, in most of the degrees you can choose English as the main language but not all of them have that choice.

At the following link, you will find the Course Search Tool that shows the entire UPV academic offer.


10. Where can I find the academic calendar?

Please check this link, here you will find the UPV’s academic calendar.

11. Does the UPV accept one-semester exchanges and can I study with you during any of your two semesters?

Yes, you can stay with us during either of our semesters, but before applying at your University for one or the other, please check if the courses you are interested in are 1st-semester courses (September-January) or 2nd-semester courses (February-July). There are also annual courses. Click here to see how to find out.

12. Are there any Spanish language courses for exchange students at UPV?

If you want to take Spanish language courses, our Language Centre offers a special discount to any International Programme student. You do not need any certificate to get this discount. The International Relations Office will provide to the Language Center a list of accepted Erasmus students.

13. Is there an online application for UPV?

Yes. Once your home institution has sent us correctly your nomination as an exchange student, you will get an e-mail with instructions on how to fill in the online application form.

14. I have received an e-mail with instructions on how to fill in the online application form. Which is the deadline to send it?

-Fall semester or Whole year (starting in September): 10th July

-Spring semester (starting in February): 10th December

15. What amount of travel aid is provided by the scholarship?

The amount of travel aid provided depends on the distance between your home institution and Valencia, which you can calculate here. At the following chart you can see the amount of money given for a determinate distance:

DistanceTravel aid
From 100 to 499 km180 € for student
From 500 to 1.999 km275 € for student
From 2.000 to 2.999360 € for student
From 3.000 to 3.999530 € for student
From 4.000 to 7.999 km820 € for student
8.000 km or more1.500 € for student

16. Do I need a visa during my stay in Valencia?

Citizens of any State of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein only require a National Identity Card or valid passport. Students from non-EU countries do need a visa, which must be arranged before their entrance to Spain. More information:


17. Which is the date of arrival?

Two or three weeks after the nomination deadline, the International Relations Service will send you an e-mail with information about the Reception Day and other relevant dates, requirements or activities. The Reception Day will usually take place in the week before the semester starts.

At the beginning of the session, you will be given your Certificate of Arrival, a temporary student card and a welcome pack. Please note: the date of arrival on the Certificate will be the date of the Reception Day.

18. I am a special needs student because I am disabled / I suffer from a chronic illness. Who can I contact about this?

If you have a specific problem in terms of accessibility, you can contact our Centre for the Development of Technology and Support for the Lesser-abled Community, by telephone on 96 387 70 36 or by e-mail at accesibl@upvnet.upv.es.

19. How can I get my transcript of records/grades?

The International Relations Office will send it automatically to the International Office of your University.

20. When I must sign the Grant Agreement?

Before you travel to the UPV, we will send you a scanned copy of the Grant Agreement which you have to sign. Once you signed it you must send us a scanned copy

21. When I must sign the Learning Agreement?

It must be signed by your home institution and yourself before the mobility. Once you arrive to Valencia you must bring the hand copy of the Learning Agreement to the IAO

22. Who is responsible for organizing the trip and buying the flight tickets?

Each participant must book and buy the flight ticket at his/her own convenience. The travel aid included in the scholarship will be paid upon arrival.

It is not necessary to justify the real cost of the flight ticket. It will be paid as a unique cost, regardless of the real cost (lower or higher).

23. Health and travel insurance has minimal coverage?

  1. Medical benefits of at least 50.000 Euros due to accident or illness.
  2. Transport or repatriation to his/her home country in case of illness or injury WITH A MINIMUM OF 50.000
  3. Transport or repatriation of the deceased insured WITH A MINIMUM OF 50.000
  4. Civil liability

24. Can I hire the health and travel insurance to a company of my country?

You can hire the insurance at your own convenience, but in any case with the following requirements:

  • The policy must be written in English or Spanish
  • The Company must have a customer’s Attention service in Spain, and facilitate clear instructions about what you must do and where to go in case of need.

1. What do I need for travel?

You must buy the flight ticket and book the hotel at your own convenience (if needed we will supply you a list).

2. When I get the payment of the scholarship?

The scholarship and travel aid will be paid upon arrival at UPV. The payment will be for the total amount with a bank-check that you can discount at the bank office at the campus.

3. What does the Scholarship for incoming staff covers?

–  5 days of stay x 160€

– 2 or 1  days for travel x 160€ (according to the budget granted with the home country)

– Travel aid according to distance. Consult your Erasmus+ Coordinator or the Erasmus+ Distance calculator:


4. What documents do I need to prepare before mobility?

– Grant Agreement: We will send you the draft of the grant agreement before your travel. Please sign it and send us a scanned copy

– Staff Mobility Agreement: You need to agree previously the working plan with the UPV professor that will receive you during your stay: the working plan must be developed in the Staff Mobility Agreement, and you must send us a scanned copy of the document, signed by you and the person in charge of your department/school.

5. Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you must hire travel insurance with coverage at least for health, accidents, assistance, repatriation, civil liability.

6. Is it mandatory to fulfil the EU online survey?

Before the end of the mobility, the EU will send you an email with the access link. Please review the spam folder if you do not receive this email before your departure. The EU might ask to refund the scholarship in case you don’t send it.

7. Is it mandatory to submit the final report at the end of the stay?

According to the Program rules, you must send to the IAO a final report as a resume of your activities at UPV, we will facilitate you a template. This is an important document; The EU might ask to refund the money in case we do not receive it.

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