All partners need to undertake a selection process, both for student and staff, based on the merits of the candidates. According with the EU requirements the process must be objective, transparent and documented.

We will thank you send us a text of the call for applicants (or a link to it).

Student mobility can be carried out for semester A or semester B of the chosen academic year (according the duration of the project).

Semesters at UPV are as follows:

  • Semester A: From September to January
  • Semester B: From February to July

Staff mobility must be agreed with the UPV professor that will attend the stay and can be carried out at any time always within the duration of the project.

Once the selection process has been completed, we need the formal nomination of candidates, stating the score obtained according on the call criteria, and the reserve list if any. More information about this at the next section

The UPV committee will evaluate that the proposed nominations comply with the procedural requirements of the Program, and will send its formal approval to each partner.

The pre-enrolment for students will be open from 1st September to 15th October and from March 20th to May 15th.

You can find the fact sheet with useful information for applicants as well as the UPV’s academic offer is accessible through this link:

According the Program rules, all partners must facilitate to all candidates the Erasmus Charter for High Education

Here is an example of how a call for applicant needs to be.



Undergaduate candidates must be at least in third year, and preferably ian the fourth year of grade and Master candidates must be in second year.

Nominated candidates should belong to the areas of study that were agreed in the inter-institutional agreement with each partner.

We strongly recommend all candidates should have an A1 Spanish level, this will allow them to obtain better benefit from their stay at the social level

If the candidates have a Spanish B2 level (or even B1), they will be admitted in any School without restrictions.

If the candidates do not have at least a B1 level of Spanish and therefore they will study all subjects in English, only the nomination of candidates of the last degree course will be admitted, and they shall study here a mix of their final degree work and some subjects.

Please take into account that admission at the School of Business IS NOT GUARANTEED.

The minimum of ECTs is 30, and research works can be included. The student shall take exams and get scores that, in the case, must be lately recognized at the home institution according the conditions settled in the learning agreement.  


Particularly PhD students will develop their research preferably with the UPV professors who already have a previous academic relationship with the institution, so it will allow to strengthen the scientific collaboration. PhD students will need to have a letter of admission from Professor UPV who will supervise their research before their nomination is admitted.


The academic staff must have a pre-acceptance letter and a work plan previously agreed with a UPV professor, who preferably belongs to the academic areas included in the inter-institutional agreement.

The administrative staff must be pre-admitted in one of the staff weeks that the UPV organizes throughout the year. Individual stays for administrative staff are not possible.

Once the students are selected, a formal nomination in English must be sent. This nomination must include:

  1. The selected students
  2. A substitute’s list

For this purpose, you can download here a template as a reference:

Selection – Template for staff
Selection – Template for students

Deadline to receive nomination:

  • Dor student’s: 30th March for Semester A and 30th September for semester B.
  • For staff: anytime

Thereupon, the KA107 selection committee will check all the nominations and, if appropriate, will approve them. The final acceptance of the students will be notified to the partner university and this will constitute the final approval of the nomination. No student would be accepted at the UPV without the aforementioned approval. The pre-enrolment for the accepted students will be open from March 30 th to May 15 th , 2019.

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