FAQS - Staff

1. What do I need for travel?

You must buy the flight ticket and book the hotel at your own convenience (if needed we will supply you a list).

2. When I get the payment of the scholarship?

The scholarship and travel aid will be paid upon arrival at UPV. The payment will be for the total amount with a bank-check that you can discount at the bank office at the campus.

3. What does the Scholarship for incoming staff covers?

– 5 days of stay x 160€ – 2 or 1 days for travel x 160€ (according to the budget granted with the home country) – Travel aid according to distance. Consult your Erasmus+ Coordinator or the Erasmus+ Distance calculator:

4. What documents do I need to prepare before mobility?

– Grant Agreement: We will send you the draft of the grant agreement before your travel. Please sign it and send us a scanned copy – Staff Mobility Agreement: You need to agree previously the working plan with the UPV professor that will receive you during your stay: the working plan must be developed in the Staff Mobility Agreement, and you must send us a scanned copy of the document, signed by you and the person in charge of your department/school.

5. Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you must hire travel insurance with coverage at least for health, accidents, assistance, repatriation, civil liability.

6. Is it mandatory to fulfil the EU online survey?

Before the end of the mobility, the EU will send you an email with the access link. Please review the spam folder if you do not receive this email before your departure. The EU might ask to refund the scholarship in case you don’t send it.

7. Is it mandatory to submit the final report at the end of the stay?

According to the Program rules, it is also needed you send to the IAO a final report as a resume of your activities at UPV, we will facilitate you a template. This is an important document; The EU might ask to refund the money in case we do not receive it.

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